Whether you are a skilled cook or a newbie cook, a group looking for a fun night out with friends and family, or you love Italian cooking, Bella Cuisine is the place for you.

Located on a quiet country road in Sandusky County, Ohio just outside the city of Fremont, we offer you a variety of hands-on cooking classes.

There is the Mediterranean Kitchen that offers classes from Italy, Spain and Greece. During these hands-on classes, you will hear the stories of the chef's many trips to the Mediterranean to study the cuisines.  

IL Forno offers cooking in a wood burning oven and grill, and dining al fresco.  We make sausage, roast game hens, and bake the best apple crisp sometimes. Weather permitting.

Baking and Pastry classes offer instruction on bread baking, pies and tarts, cookies and cupcake decorating. 

The Gluten-Free classes are a great idea for those looking for new ideas for their diet, but also for those that have family members with a gluten allergy and need to understand their options better.

Skills classes offer basic cooking skills, such as Knife Handling, Saute, Sauces, and Herbs.​ 

Whisk - Youth Culinary - offers classes for different age groups.

Class schedules vary with the time of year and requests that are made for a specific technique. Please refer to the current Class Schedule  on Page 4 for your selections. 

Please call us with any questions - 
                                            (419) 333-0027
or email bellacuisinefremont@gmail.com 
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Located at 2224 County Road 239  
(Also called Balsizer Road)
Fremont OH 43420
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This class is making Catalan Paella. Can you see the Catalan flag in the upper right? Great fun!